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      Gear Form Grinding Wheel Machine
      Worm Wheel Gear Grinding Machine
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      Contact PersonXuefang Han
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      The 11th China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition has achieved a grea
            Warmly celebrate that BGM has achieved a great success in The 11th China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition from 12th June to 16th June, 2012.
            The latest products made by BGM showed in the exhibition include CNC gear form grinding machine and CNC worm wheel gear grinding machine. They have caused great attention to the customers and exhibitors at home and abroad with its domestic initiative and international leading design concept, mature structure and high accuracy.
            There are almost 10 dealers who had reached cooperation or were intent to cooperate with us during the exhibition. In addition, many counterparts visited our booth to exchange learning and give us some valuable suggestion!
            The highlights of the exhibition are as follows.

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